How To Sudoku

Maybe you are new to SuDoku, and are wondering how to go about solving them! This article will help you tackle Sudoku. Solving Sudoku requires no special knowledge of trivia, no particular mathematical ability; merely an ability to think logically and a temperament not given to despair... read the rest of this article

Sudoku Scoring

If you have been doing sudoku puzzles from this site for a while, you have probably noticed that virtually all the puzzles have the same number of clues. You may have wondered, how can one puzzle be easy and another difficult, when they both have 28 clues given? read the rest of this article

Writing Sudoku

This article will explain in some detail the method I use to write sudoku puzzles, along with some background as to how I arrived at this approach, pitfalls to avoid, and so forth. read the rest of this article