SuDoku Puzzle Websites

  • Daily Sudoku is the website which inspired me to create this website.
  • Sudoku-San is another site, if you still don't have enough -- they put out 4/day (mercy!)
  • SudokuPuzz lets you play online or get printable sudokus
  • li>Sudoku.Org.Es is a Spanish language sudoku website.
  • Internet Sudoku is a newer sudoku website.
  • Puzzle Madness is a newer site with a variety of puzzles available.
  • 12x12 Sudoku is exactly what you'd think
  • 6x6 Sudoku is exactly what you'd think, too

  • Non SuDoku Puzzle Websites

    Non-SuDoku, Non-Puzzle Websites

    • The Society of Actuaries is not a link you'd expect to see on a puzzle website, but by day I'm an actuary. Hi guys! Though to be honest, I spend more time hanging out at The Rebel Forum
    • Another non-sudoku link is Shocking Beyond Belief, a film company which happens to be run by a buddy from high school.
    • Boggy Thicket is my uncle's blog. He's "kinda funny, sometimes on purpose." Check it out, why not?

Have another link I ought to include? Let me know!